Active weekend discussing research in Edinburgh!

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Altmetrics, publishing data, being open and learning styles were all discussed at ReCon this year! The conference was a huge success and we were even trending (#ReCon_15) on Twitter in the UK and Germany for the majority of the morning! Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 17.34.33  Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 18.09.20 All the The conference was followed by a hackday, sponsored by GitHub, at Codebase, the UK’s largest technology incubator. Projects included citizen science for spotting animals, an automatic infographic generator and geotagging research. Our hackday winners (Pen-Yuan Hsing and team, TinDeer, left) and runners up (Erin Nolan, James Billingham and team, TL;DR Space, including onesie, right) are pictured below! 1st     2nd

Naturally there was plenty of time to enjoy the prizes, including Scottish whisky and a onesie, while eating (the very popular) haggis pizza… photo (3)  whisky  IMG_0220 and a peek out of the window revealed Edinburgh Castle looming above… castle We are looking forward to next year’s conference and would like to say another huge thank you to our sponsors: GitHub (conference and hackday), Mendeley and The Scientific Editing Company!

Thank you to our amazing sponsors!

github-logo.png.pagespeed.ce.3uvSkIONKV           mendeley  Scieditcologo1

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