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What is the hackday?

In addition to the main conference, we will be holding an additional research communication & data visualisation hackday the following day (25 June) which is free to attend. There will be prizes available including cash!! A total of £400 (2 x £200 prizes) will be up for grabs! Details of our 2015 hackday can be found here.

The hackday is open to anyone who is interested in coming along and we will provide a forum for discussion in advance. You are welcome to come with an idea or your own or join another group. To help us with the planning, it is helpful for the participants to share ideas in advance so please take two minutes to add yours on this shared Google spreadsheet.

What will we be doing?

The ideas for the hackday do not have to be software based, they can include paperhacking, any type of information/data visualisation (a poster, a detailed scientific figure or dynamic online presentation) and more… Maybe you want to come along and learn how to use a new data visualisation software to build figures for research papers? Perhaps you would like to learn more data visualisation techniques from others? Or improve the data visualisations you use in presentations? Then the hackday is for you!

The hackday will also include a short introductory workshop to the data visualisation software Tableau. The workshop will be delivered by Edinburgh based data visualisation company NumberTelling and is designed for beginners to the Tableau software. Anyone can sign up for a free 15 day trial for Tableau and students are able to use the software for free.

Overview of the day

1000 – 1015 Arrive

1015 – 1045 Idea presentations

1045 – 1100 Discussion and team formations

1100 – 1215 Tableau workshop – optional (the team from NumberTelling will give an introductory workshop)

1215 – 1245 Lunch

1245 – 1700 Free to build/ hack/ create/ learn

1700 – 1730 3 minute team presentations

1745 – 1800 Prizes

1800             Finish


What will I need to bring with me?

We recommend that all participants bring a laptop and charger with them. You may wish to bring the following:

  • your own data to build visualisations
  • mobile devices