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We ran three previous highly successful events on disruption in publishing in June 2013*, June 2014*,and June 2015 at the University of Edinburgh and June 2016 at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI). *EdinPubConf (EPC)

Each year, the conference attracted over 200 delegates including entrepreneurs, students, investors, freelancers, writers and publishers and was broadcast live on the web. You can view the videos from last year’s conference and a summary of the hackday on our blog.

recon main room

Last year, we ran with the theme of “Research Communication & Data Visualisation”

A number of factors are influencing the way we communicate research in 2016 including new technologies, publishing policies, the variety of research outputs and the assessment of research impact. This conference aims to explore the evolution of research communication and the rising interest in and requirement for data visualisation. What incentives are required for researchers to change how they communicate their work? What role will metrics play in the future at the journal level, article level and researcher level? How can researchers present and share their work in a visual format and what tools are they required to learn?

Data visualisation is a field that spans all disciplines, yet it is not always done well and visual representations are not used as often as they could be. This may be due to time constraints, publishing limitations or lack of training in the correct graphics or statistics software; how can we combat these issues? How can researchers use visualisations to communicate their work and complement their publications?

Some comments from last year’s conference include:

“An engaging, informative and inspiring event. The quality of contributors was outstanding.”
“That’s the best conference I’ve been to, bar none. All interesting, all relevant, and with an audience from a much wider range of interested parties than is usually the case (congratulations!).”
“Brilliant speakers, good range of topics, high level of discussion, well organised and paced event.”
“An  excellent  roster  of  speakers,  an  experienced  knowledgeable  audience,  many  very  effective.”

A compilation of videos and slides from #ReCon_16 can be found here.

Here are the speaker details for 2016 and the programme for that event can be found here.