Speaker Details 2015

This conference focuses on changes and developments in research communication in academia, including dealing with vast volumes of data, social networks, publishing and the use of metrics. A number of factors are influencing the way we communicate research in 2015 including new technologies, publishing policies, the variety of research outputs and the assessment of research impact. This conference aims to explore the evolution of research communication. What incentives are required for researchers to change how they communicate their work? What role will metrics play in the future at the journal level, article level and researcher level? How will we deal with the large volume of data and research outputs that we are creating?

A compilation of videos and slides from #ReCon_15 can be found here.

Here are the speaker details for 2015 and the programme for that event can be found here.

A summary of the ReCon_15 hackday is here.

steve wheeler

Steve Wheeler – timbuckteeth on Twitter

Associate Professor of Learning Technologies at Plymouth University

Steve is a global educator, teaching online, and on a number of undergraduate and post-graduate teacher education programmes in the UK and overseas. He researches into technology supported learning and distance education, with particular emphasis on the pedagogy underlying the use of social media and Web 2.0 technologies, and he also has research interests in mobile learning and cyber-cultures. Steve is regularly invited to speak about his work and has given keynotes and invited lectures to audiences in more than 30 countries across 5 continents. He is currently involved in several research programmes related to technology supported learning, digital praxis, social media and handheld technologies. Steve is the author of more than 150 scholarly articles, with almost 4000 academic citations and is an active and prolific edublogger. His blog Learning with ‘e’s is a regular online commentary on the social and cultural impact of disruptive technologies, and the application of digital media in education, learning and development. It has attracted almost five million unique visitors.

Ian Viney

Dr Ian Viney

Medical Research Council

Dr Ian Viney is Director of Strategic Evaluation and Impact at the UK Medical Research Council (MRC), and has recently completed a short part-time secondment to the UK Government Office for Life Sciences.

The MRC strategic evaluation programme, initiated in 2008, seeks to strengthen the assessment of progress with the MRC strategic plan, and provide improved evidence for evaluating the progress, productivity and overall impact of the MRC research portfolio. A significant element of this programme has been the development of an online system to capture research outputs, outcomes and impacts. This approach is now provided as a service by Researchfish Ltd and more than 100 UK research organisations now subscribe to the system.

scott edmunds

Scott Edmunds, PhD @SCEdmunds

Executive Editor GigaScience, Open Data Hong Kong Executive Committee member for Open Science

After a background in molecular biology and cancer research, he was senior scientific editor for the BMC Genomics and Bioinformatics journals at BioMed Central before moving in 2010 to China/Hong Kong to set up the GigaScience journal and GigaDB data portal for the genomics organisation BGI. With a strong interest in reproducible research, he is working with a team developing integrated data analysis platforms to enable sharing of methods and workflows as well as data, with the ultimate aim of developing executable papers. Through being involved in Open Science projects (particularly crowdsourcing efforts to release disease outbreak data) he is now an executive committee member for Open Data Hong Kong and the local Open Science representative for the Open Knowledge Foundation.


Euan Adie @Stew

Founder & CEO of Altmetric.com

Euan is the founder of publishing services company Altmetric.com, which captures and collects article level metrics and the online conversations around papers for publishers, funders and academic institutions. Altmetric was founded in 2011 and is supported by Digital Science. Euan frequently speaks at conferences on article level metrics and the practical uses of altmetrics in scientific publishing.

Euan was previously a senior product manager at Nature Publishing Group, where projects at one time or another included scientific blog aggregator postgenomic.com, Connotea, Nature.com Blogs and NPG’s mobile apps. Before joining the STM publishing industry he worked in academia as a bioinformatics researcher studying psychiatric genetics at the University of Edinburgh.

curry s

Stephen Curry, PhD @Stephen_Curry

Professor of Structural Biology, Imperial College London

Stephen is an open access advocate and he writes the Reciprocal Science blog on the Occam’s Typewriter site, in addition to blogging for The Guardian. His writing has appeared in The Guardian, Times Higher Education, The Biochemist, Research Fortnight, New Scientist, at LabLit and in the Open Laboratory anthologies of the best science blogging in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012. He also enjoys producing both still and moving pictures, including his “I’m a scientist” film.


Peter Burnhill – Strollerman on Twitter

Director of EDINA, University of Edinburgh

Peter is the Director of EDINA, the JISC UK National Data Centre based at the University of Edinburgh. Once a researcher and statistician with the Scottish Education Data Archive, in 1984 he began a career providing data services, first establishing the University’s Data Library, becoming co-director of the ESRC Regional Research Laboratory for Scotland to promote the value of geographical information systems. Designation of the Data Library as the EDINA national data centre in 1995 has given Peter the opportunity to work beyond numbers, with words and now pictures and sounds: all become digital and accessed from afar. His interests as director and ‘information methodologist’ range wide. Peter is a Past President of IASSIST, the International Association for Social Science Information Service and Technology, the association for data library professionals – see www.iassistdata.org . He was also the initial director of the Digital Curation Centre during its set-up phase in 2004/5. He has served on a variety of working groups in the data and serials world, inside and outside the academy walls.


Stephanie Dawson @SDawsonBerlin

 CEO ScienceOpen 

Stephanie grew up in northern California, studied Biology at Yale University and received a PhD in German Literature from the University of Washington. She spent over 10 years at the academic publisher De Gruyter in Berlin in the fields of biology and chemistry in both journals and book publishing. In 2013 she joined ScienceOpen as managing director.


Anna Clements

Anna was appointed Assistant Director of Library Services, University of St Andrews, to head up the new Digital Research Division created in April 2015. The Division brings together  Open Access & Research Publications Support, Research Data Management, Digital Humanities and Research Computing. There is also a remit to develop Bibliometric and Digital Science support services.Anna moved to the Library from IT Services in 2013. In IT Services she held posts as  Programme Manager,  Data Architect and Enterprise Architect and was also co-opted to serve as Senior Research Policy Advisor in 2011. Prior to joining the University in 2003,  Anna had over 20 years experience working as a consultant, software developer and project manager designing and building systems for a variety of SMEs,  and UK/ US educational and academic publishers.

Her current role consolidates her skills and expertise in data management, research information management and policy development.  She is a tireless advocate, within the University and (inter)nationally of the basic management information principles of entering data once and using open standards to improve data quality whilst minimizing the data collection burden across the research sector.

Externally,  Anna is Executive for strategy on the euroCRIS Board, a member of the Snowball Metrics Steering Committee and chairs the Pure UK Strategy Group and the CASRAI-UK Data Management Planning Working Group.


Arfon Smith @arfon

Arfon is Chief Scientist at Github Inc., the world’s largest host of software on the planet. A lapsed academic with a passion for new models of scientific collaboration, he’s used big telescopes to study dust in space, built sequencing pipelines in Cambridge and has engaged millions of people in online citizen science by co-founding the Zooniverse. He’s also accidentally built a couple of academic journals in his time too…

martin fenner

Martin Fenner @mfenner

Martin Fenner is the technical lead for the PLOS Article-Level Metrics project. Before taking this position in 2012 he worked as a medical oncologist at the Hannover Medical School Cancer Center in Germany. He has served on the ORCID Board from 2010 to 2012 and is a member of the ORCID Outreach Steering Group. orcid.org/0000-0003-1419-2405


Kaveh Bazargan @Kaveh1000

Kaveh Bazargan is a physicist by training. He founded River Valley in 1988, in order to introduce computer generated illustrations to UK publishers. The company is based in UK with units in India. The “bread and butter” is typesetting for STM publishers, using the only “pure” XML-first system in the industry. In recent years River Valley has been working on cloud-based platforms for publishers, including an online collaborative authoring tool.